What is Getaround?

Getaround is a phone app that you can use to instantly subscribe or rideshare cars that are near you. There are 2 options available with this app and you can choose between daily and weekly subscriptions. There are tons of vehicles that you can choose from like SUVs, Compact Cars, Sports Cars and more. Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance are included, and there are no membership fees at all! If you are an Uber or Lyft driver that does not have a vehicle to use, we encourage you to try out the service and you will see how by just downloading the app, subscribing to the vehicle, you can start earning money using our cars today.

The process:

Flexibility and Savings

What is HyreCar?

Hyrecar is also a downloadable app that enables you to locate vehicles near you that you can subscribe to for ridesharing. There are also tons of vehicles that you can choose from and when you find our vehicle all you need to do is to connect with owners and book it through the app. With Hyrecar you are fully insured so there are no further expenses to you. If you are an UBER or Lyft driver without a vehicle, this is the perfect service for you. Download and start making money using our cars today!

There are some important things to keep in mind with this program:

What type of vehicles are offered with the subscription program?

Most of our vehicles are between one and three years old and are commonly a trade in or an end of lease vehicle. They are always in great condition and reasonably new. We offer mid-size, SUVs or compact. We also offer sporty and luxury vehicles like BMW and Porsche.

What is the process of picking up a vehicle?

When you pick up your car the process takes about 15 minutes total. The representative at the dealership will make sure your license and credit cards are valid, and then you will both view the car for any damages or defects. The representative will then walk you through the FlexDrive membership as well as any maintenance needs, and after signing you can leave with your rented vehicle.

Who should be using ALMDrive?

  • Uber or Lyft drivers that do not have a car
  • Anyone else that needs a car for a week or more
  • People that have an event or perhaps making a movie that needs to subscribe a car

For more information on the app please visit https://www.flexdrive.com/download/ .
Have a great time subscribing our vehicles, be safe and contact us at any time!!

How does vehicle maintenance work with ALMDrive if you have vehicle issues?

When you become a subscribed member of FlexDrive you will be able to receive free maintenance from their providers. What this maintenance includes is the ability for you to be able to fix issues with your vehicle. The process to do this is:


  • Make a call to the local FlexDrive partners like Tires Plus, Pep Boys and Firestone to setup a service call for your vehicle
  •  If you are not sure where to find information or where to go you can also contact ALMDrive
  • If you call ahead you can also save time and FlexDive will pay for your maintenance through a purchase order
  • You will need to give the provider your ARI number on your FlexDrive packet which is 866-353-9399
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